Dec 2nd 2019
What are the Advantages of a MONEYLINE Bet?
What is moneyline betting? Moneyline wagers can merely be delineated as making a wager on a team to win the game, without any spread involved. This is the reason why moneyline bets are remotely the most fashionable type of sports bet that you can make. What’s great about moneyline bets is that they are not only simple enough for beginner sports bettors to understand and utilize properly, but they are also intemperately used by professional sports bettors to rake in huge wins every single day in sportsbooks all across the world. In fact, there are many wildly-successful professional sports bettors who exclusively use moneyline bets in their winning strategy.Let's give an example of Thursday Night Football a few weeks ago. The Colts are getting 4 points, while Houston Texans are -210 on the moneyline. If you make a wager for $100 on the Colts +4, you would essentially be risking $110 to win $100 profit. On the contrary, Colts are +180 on the moneyline, which means for every $100 you wager, you net $180 profit. Hence, on that same $100 wager, one would collect a total of $280 if the Colts win, as compared to a total of only $210 on a spread wager. As you can infer, betting underdogs on the moneyline creates tremendous value both long term and short term, but it does not come without its risks. The simple fact you aren’t paying a vig (sportsbook’s ten percent take) is a strong reason enough for one to look further into this as over the long run, one can compare payouts of betting spread versus moneyline. like to give out a lot of moneyline underdog plays in the NBA. Why? According to our algorithms, we have many spots that favors the moneyline bets rather than a spread line due to value. The fact is, we all heard in the sports industry growing up that just bet  A simple example of how moneylines can be an effective route to take is a team in an NBA game are 1 point underdogs but are plus value on the money line. Now it obviously comes with risk as if that team who is getting 1 point loses the game by 1- you push, whereas in a money line wager you lose. But if the team loses by 2 or more- you lose only $100 compared to losing $110 on a spread wager. Now if that team wins the game outright- you win the plus money value on the money line wager. A team underdog by 1 could see a price of about +110 on average. That means instead of cashing a $100 profit on $110 spread wager, your money line wager nets you $110 profit on your $100 wager. Now let’s do some research, the chances of an NBA  game landing on one point is less than 3.5%, whereas you are getting a 10% increase on your return by playing the moneyline on small underdogs such as in this example. Long term, the difference of getting $110 compared to $100 on wins, and difference of paying only $100 compared to $100 on losses can truly turn an entire season around for a sports betting trader.
In the end, moneylne bets give you the possibility to win more than you wager. That’s when taking underdogs, however, keep in mind the inverse can be dangerous. A lot of sports gamblers fall in the trap of trying to make supposedly low-risk wagers by playing big favorites on the money line, laying huge amounts with a very small potential payout. One thing that the most innovative sports-bettors will concur with is that routinely playing sizable favorites on the moneyline is a hazardous course of activity  - so tread carefully when it comes to moneylines and be smart about your wagers.