Feb 14th 2020
Should You Only Use 1 Sportsbook? What's the Benefit of having Multiple Outs?

Importance of Having Multiple Outs When Sports Betting

With the legalization of sports betting happening all across the United States, most people are opening-up a sports betting account with only one organization, and just "settling" for that company's lines. When doing professional sports wagering as a business, it is vital to understand that no one has ever made a living betting at only one sportsbook. I have witnessed professionals with as many as 20 different accounts, monitoring each and every line movement at Don Bests - however, with a newcomer, I would strongly advise having at least three different outs.

Having different sportsbook accounts will allow you to compare the lines and make the wager of choice with the company that has odds in your favor. Let's look at an example of an NBA game: this week the Miami Heat versus the Utah Jazz. The opening total on this game was 219.5 across the board at most Vegas sportsbooks. The line at 5Dimes closed at 217, while the line at Bookmaker had 218 and Pinnacle hung a 219 on the board. As you can see, if I was making a UNDER bet on this game - I would obviously go with the line giving me the most advantage which would have been Pinnace at 219. On the contrary, if you were betting the OVER on this match, the line at 5Dimes would have been the best line at 217. As you can clearly see, having many different options gives you only a better chance at succeeding in the betting industry, as it increases your value by several percentage points and offers an edge that most players fail to take advantage of.

In addition, when opening a new account at a sportsbook, take advantage of any signup bonuses with a rollover requirement. The rollover requirement should not affect long-term players who are looking to bet at that particular book. Let's use an example of a 100% signup bonus offered by Bookmaker. They offer a 100% cash bonus (not free play), but have a rollover of 20 times the deposit plus the bonus. So in essence, if you deposit $100 - you would have $200 in your account, but you would need to make at least $4,000 worth of wagers before the bonus funds are fully credited to your withdrawable balance. During this time when trying to complete the rollover, most books will allow you to withdraw winnings at any time, but if you do it before the rollover is complete- you would lose out on the bonus funds which would be subtracted from your account balance.

The difference between a free play bonus and a cash bonus is enormous. A free play bonus is worth much less than a cash bonus. A cash bonus is simple as if you deposit $100 and get a 100% cash bonus, your balance would be $200 total after your first deposit. However, 100% free play bonus would mean you would have $100 balance (that you deposited) and in addition to that, you would get a "free play" for another $100 that can be used on straight wagers or parlays. So basically a free play bonus is like having a chance to make a parlay without losing the original deposit. Hence, in the gaming industry, it is much more valuable to get a CASH bonus instead of a free play bonus.

Opening up several sportsbook accounts has no downside. It offers you a chance to get better odds, more bonuses, and an opportunity to add value to your plays. When having to deal with various vig percentages, and fees associated with deposits and withdrawals, it is always a smart idea to take advantage of any value when wagering.