Feb 5th 2020
Lakers at 4/1 Odds to Win One For Kobe!
Kobe Bryant's unanticipated death has jolted the Los Angeles community. Kobe was a huge determinant in many fans, players and coaches lives- serving as a role model with his "Mamba Mentality." The Lakers organization has been hit hard with a loss they cannot recover. As a result, the Los Angeles Lakers will do only what they can control - win one for Kobe.
Let's start out with Lebron James. When Lebron decided to join the Lakers, he knew that this organization came with a long, decorated history of winning championships. From Kareem to Shaq to Kobe Bryant - Lebron knew he was next in line to carry the torch. But when January 26, 2020, happened, Lebron realized his three-year plan all of a sudden turned into a "Lets Win Now" mode. With the Lakers playing motivated basketball, they should easily finish the top seed, as they hold a 4 game edge currently over an injury-riddled Nuggets team. Having home-court advantage will be huge for Lebron and Anthony Davis, especially when it comes time to play the Clippers, the only other team that has a realistic opportunity to stop the Lakers from winning the Western Conference Title. 

At 4/1 odds, it is a great value. Lakers will be favored every home playoff game regardless of who they play. In addition, on the road, at most, you will get plus a few points and that is only if they are playing one of the top teams such as Nuggets, Clippers, or Jazz. At the very worst, the Lakers should see an easy path to the western conference finals. At this point, betting them to win a title will be in the neighborhood of even money; and if the Clippers or Jazz fail to reach this point, it could be as much as -200 to win the title.

The East does not oppose a serious threat, with the exception of the Milwaukee Bucks. If the Bucks do not reach the finals, the Western conference finalist will be a huge favorite heading into the series. The Bucks do pose a threat to the Lakers with their size and ability to shoot the three and to score at an astronomical rate. However, the Greek Freak is going to have to prove to me he has enough to will his team past Anthony Davis and Lebron. At this point, the Lakers would be -200 favorites against the Bucks. Again, you would have the opportunity to lay some action off or hedge the entire wager.

The NBA playoffs this year will represent a whole new meaning for the Lakers organization and fans. It will be a time for their team to come together and truly honor the championship mentality Kobe Bryant had and inspire those he touched. There will no better way to do it than to cast that NBA Championship high in the air for all LA Fans to celebrate. It won't bring the Black Mamba back, but it will sure be fitting to see all those 8 and 24 jerseys at the championship parade. Bet the Lakers at 4/1 odds!