Should You Only Use 1 Sportsbook? What's the Benefit of having Multiple Outs?
Feb 14th 2020
Many people choose to only wager with one sportsbook, but is this a good idea? What is the difference between signup bonuses offered by sportsbooks? What is the advantage of having many sportsbook accounts? Our in-house writer breaks it down for you!
Lakers at 4/1 Odds to Win One For Kobe!
Feb 5th 2020
Will the LA Lakers cash in at 4/1 odds to win the NBA Championship? Will they do it for the Black Mamba (Kobe Bryant)? Will the emotional factor have a role in the outcome? goes in-depth to break down if the Lakers are a play at 4/1
The New York Yankees are 4/1 Odds to win MLB Championship - Is this Value?
Jan 23rd 2020
The New York Yankees are currently 4/1 odds in sportsbooks to win the 2020 World Series. Is this value? Is this a play at such low odds? Find out if it is worth betting a futures play on those odds! Our in-house writer breaks down their chances of cashing in on a futures bet!
Draftkings IPO - A Good Bet?
Jan 21st 2020
Is the Draftkings IPO upcoming in 2020 a good bet for investment purposes? Should one bet on the gaming industry in the United States? Find out if the Draftkings stock is a game-changer for the gaming inudstry
Buying Points Is Not Smart Shopping! Even on Black Friday!
Dec 17th 2019
should you buy points when it comes to NFL games? We take a in depth look at the numbers and what it means to both a bettor and a sportsbook. Learn to bet smartly with Win60Percent.Com
What are the Advantages of a MONEYLINE Bet?
Dec 2nd 2019
Find out about why you should bet moneyline wagers in certain situations. Win60Percent.Com helps guide you to a better understanding of why in some cases we do moneyline wagers compared to betting against the spread.
Enter To Win $5,000 - NFL Weekly Challenge
Nov 20th 2019
Pick all 15 NFL matchups correctly and win $5,000 in cash or bitcoin. You do not need to be a member to enter. No credit card or purchase necessary. Share contest on social media and follow us on Instagram and/or Twitter to qualify!
American Odds Versus Decimal Odds Format
Oct 25th 2019
What is the difference between the odds format of American Pricing and Decimal Pricing? Do they pay differently? Why do some sportsbooks show one format and others show a different odds format? Is there a way to convert Decimal odds into American? Is there a way to convert American Odds Pricing into Decimal odds?
Sports Betting Thrill with Win60Percent
Oct 24th 2019
A Fun Poem About Win60Percent and What We Can Offer You! Our in house writer digs into his creativity and creates a piece that every sports bettor can relate to! Sign up with Win60Percent for a special low price of $24.99 a week!
What Should I Bet On? What Types of Different Kinds of Bets Are There?
Oct 23rd 2019
What Should I Bet On? What Types of Different Kinds of Bets Are There? These are very typical questions for people when starting out in the sports betting world. Our in-house writer goes over the different types of wagers and which one is best for you. Learn how to bet and what it means to make a parlay, teaser, pleaser, and so on!